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  • The Dead Sea is a natural geological wonder formed throughout the millennia and located at the bottom of the world, some 410 meters below sea level.It's a region filled with mystique and is a study in contrasts. Far from reflecting its name, the Dead Sea thrives with life-enhancing ingredients with proven regenerative properties. It provides one of the world's highest concentrations of minerals suitable for skin-related healthcare. The climate is dry and the sands of the desert engulfing it are parched, and yet it produces the greatest abundance of skin-hydrating minerals on Earth.Saturated in healthy salts, the waters of the Dead Sea cause bathers to float rather than sink. And because it is located on the lowest point on the planet there are supplementary filters in the region's dense atmosphere that act like natural sunscreens and a higher concentration of pure, unpolluted oxygen.All of these unique factors add up to make the Dead Sea the largest and richest natural spa on Earth, featuring exceptional, health-enhancing properties.Once the legendary, personal spa of Cleopatra it has become a modern-day oasis for people everywhere seeking its clinically-proven skin therapies and treatments.

  • The Dead Sea, is, of course, our favorite tourist spot in Jordan. You might have guessed that already  …but there are a number of amazing facts about the Dead Sea you might not know…here are our Top 5!

  • The Dead Sea lives up to its name – there is very little chance of marine life in the high concentrates of salt and minerals!

  • The amount of water that evaporates in to thin air from the Dead Sea is actually more than the volume of water that flows into the Dead Sea!

  • The Dead Sea has the highest concentration of salt for any body of water in the world. Yes, the evaporation of water leaves amazing amounts of salt deposits behind (up to 340g of salt per liter of water).

  • The Dead Sea is “virtually” split into two parts: the northern part of the Dead Sea is geared towards tourism and the health benefits available from the rich deposits of salt, while the southern part of the Dead Sea is largely based around the industrial usage of salts (the huge Dead Sea Works complex, impressively lit up at night, is at the southern end).

  • The large amounts of natural bromide in the air is very good for your health, and another good reason why many tourists come to the Dead Sea on a “health trip”.

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